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Crystal Mountain Resort


Stevens Ad Images   |   C+RLA

stream surrounded by greenery
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snow-covered village
Long-term visioning, master planning, and patient transformation have proven successful at this 1000+ acre mountainside resort, where visitors come from near and far to partake in all kinds of athletic and passive adventures. Unique to this special place, and setting it apart from others, are the vast and well-maintained gardens that surround and unify the disparate zones of the overall campus.
A comprehensive and fully committed design team, including owners, architects, and landscape architects created a well-blended, organized, and fully accessible multi-use campus plan. The core of the resort centers around a large village green that transforms to a popular skating rink during long winters. Swimming pools, restaurants, a spa and fitness center, along with a conference center and Inn, complete the nexus of the plan.
Clusters of private cottages dot the landscape surrounding the core, each with its own architectural character, and with broad planting beds used to unify the parts and bring native and adapted plants into the center of the resort.  Single family homes and larger condo groupings create a tertiary level of housing opportunities for owners and renters alike.  Several golf courses wind their way through and around housing clusters, allowing for long views into mature maple forests throughout the campus.  Ski slopes, highly active for several months each year, become backdrops to the flowering gardens throughout the growing season.


Maryland ASLA Merit Award

Perennial Plant Association Honor Award

house with planting in the foreground
outdoor seating with umbrella
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