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chairs overlooking rooftop planting
view of alley of plants on each side
courtyard view with chairs and brick walk as well as planting
With its roots in America’s Industrial Age, the Chapman Coal Company Garage and Stable has long been an architectural icon in NW, DC. In its next chapter as Chapman Stables, the building’s soul has been resurrected as condos with architectural details that evoke its storied past with well-appointed 21st-century amenities that make it the ultimate in old-meets-new.
The hallmark landscape feature is a modern centralized courtyard.  Ramped walks and elegant stairs, gathering spaces, fountains and sculptural elements, the courtyard bridges historic and modern.  Lush meadow-like gardens maintain a rustic year-round beauty, with a plant list encompassing name native and butterfly-loving species.  Private gardens along the public street are softly screened for privacy while providing small terraces for condo owners lucky enough to live in this special architectural gem.

Richly designed rooftop gardens encompass decks meant for lounging and sun bathing, while more public spaces are designed for large gatherings, cocktail parties, and entertainment opportunities.



Four Points, LLC


Studio 27 Architecture

9-ChampanStables (110.jpg
view of rooftop planting with chairs
view from inside building looking out to rooftop planting
6-ChampanStables (148.jpg
4-ChampanStables (157.jpg
5-ChampanStables (151.jpg
11-ChampanStables (69.jpg
7-ChampanStables (133.jpg
1-ChampanStables (202.jpg
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