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The owners of Longview spared this unique 8-acre property from becoming the latest subdivision. Their mission was to preserve mature specimen trees and enhance the native habitat those trees provide for birds and other wildlife.  Of import was building a self-sustaining home that fits unobtrusively into the existing landscape, rather than the other way around.

Special care was given to protect trees, to enhance the existing plant palette, and to increase native plant diversity to sustain and encourage insect, bird, and wildlife populations. The garden design celebrates outdoor living with a series of interconnected outdoor “rooms” offering the family a wide variety of entertainment, sport, and relaxation opportunities. 

Not evident is the hidden infrastructure of a self-sustaining home and garden. Solar panels for energy storage, geothermal wells for heat capture, and an intricate subsurface water containment system allowing rainwater to seep slowly back into the earth to help support the natural systems of the site.


Perennial Plant Association Merit Award



Muse Architects

Roger Foley   |   C+RLA