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C+RLA Welcomes Three New Members

We are proud to welcome a few new members to our team. Each person comes to us with a different background and expertise enriching the creativity and breadth of work we are capable of.


Abby Thomas joins us as a senior associate with 10 years of experience working on commercial development projects and higher education. Abby’s ability to think creatively, critically, and thoughtfully enable her to lead project teams with ease.


Cynthia Yuwono started with us as an intern in May 2022. She continued her internship with us as she finished her senior year in the Landscape Architecture program at University of Maryland, we now welcome her as a full-time employee. Cynthia’s passion for design and quest to learn are part of what makes her voice in the studio stand out.


Emma Kerr joins us with a multifaceted background. With a degree in Graphic Design and a background in horticulture and landscape construction, Emma has been able to take on many projects and tasks within the firm. Emma leads the seasonal container rotations along with all of the graphic design needs within the firm.

Now get to know our new members a little better with some fun Q&A:

What are you most looking forward to being a part of the team C+RLA

Abby - Working with a young, motivated, and positive team that has the resources and potential to create awesome landscapes and installations.

Cynthia - I am looking forward to learning more about the work force and the smaller details of what it is like to be a landscape architect! I feel like I have already learned a lot in my time here and I am very down for new experiences!

Emma - I am looking forward to building on my existing plant knowledge and using my background in horticulture to come up with new exciting solutions for seasonal rotations!

What is a dream project for you

Abby - A public park that is part of a larger greenway or park system that has something for all ages and all the bells and whistles: a really awesome playground, water element(s), outdoor venue space, and full of beautiful plants of course!

Cynthia - A dream project for me would be some kind of public work or commercial project that would greatly benefit the community. I am interested in more urban development and design and I think something like a unique public park with streetscape connections to its greater surroundings would be cool.

Emma - A dream project for me would be recreating the hanging gardens of Babylon but on the National Mall.

What is your favorite plant at the moment

Abby - How do I pick one??  I love so many, but I often come back to Amsonia hubrichtii. It always looks amazing and has so much texture, color, and seasonal interest throughout the year. Such a lovely compliment to so many other favorites.

Cynthia - Probably some type of switchgrass like Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’

Emma _ I’ve been loving creeping thyme. I’m a sucker for anything fragrant and I love the idea of something being ornamental and edible!

What kinds of things do you do outside of work

Abby - I have far too many creative hobbies, but since 2020 have most enjoyed trying new things with sewing and experimenting in the kitchen. I also spend a lot of time exploring new places and restaurants in the DMV or just traveling in general.

Cynthia - Outside of work, I spend a lot of time exploring DC with my friends. I am always looking for cool new places to check out and like just about any type of entertainment from music to sports!

Emma - Outside of work, I have just learned how to knit and just completed my very first project. I also love to draw/paint and go to the gym.

What's a fun fact about you

Abby - I want to visit every continent in the world—4/7 so far!

Cynthia - A fun fact about me is that I have a pet snake! He’s a pink corn snake named Scribble.

Emma - A fun fact about me is that I once won an ice fishing tournament, I’ve got the trophy to prove it! (I grew up in Minnesota)


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