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10 Tips for Winter Pot Decor: Spruce Up Your Arrangements


Tis the season! These tips are meant to help you impress your neighbors with your winter arrangements. Here at C+RLA we’ve been implementing seasonal rotations for over 7 years and we thought we would share some of the insight we have gathered from over the years! This post will focus on ideas and resources for you to use in decorating your home for the holidays. We have suggestions for those looking to splurge and those who want to take a more DIY route.

1. Evergreen Arrangements - Use evergreen plants like ping boughs, spruce, or juniper to create a base for your winter pots. These plants provide great texture and will stay green all winter long.

2. Berries and Pinecones - Incorporate colorful berries (such as red winterberries) and pinecones into your arrangements. They add texture and bring a pop of color to the winter scene. These items can be bought or scavenged from your next nature walk.

3. Seasonal Ornaments - Get creative and add some ornaments to your pot. You can hang them or use gardening twine to make sure they stay secure.

4. Festive Bows and Ribbon - Add bows and ribbon to your arrangement for a touch of holiday flair. You can wrap the ribbon around the pot itself or you can weave your ribbon in and out of the plants in your arrangement.

5. Winter Blooms - Select winter-blooming plants to create interest throughout the winter months. Pansies will bloom all winter long. Another great option for winter interest is Hellebore (the Christmas rose). Heuchera (coral bells) is also a great option for some winter color.

6. Lighting Elements - Pick up some fairy lights or any string light and add it to your pot. Adding lights to your arrangement creates a magical atmosphere.

7. Potted Evergreen Trees - Placing some small evergreen trees is a great option for larger pots. You can find these for sale at most garden centers. This is a great option to add structure to your winter arrangements. Once potted decorate like you would a Christmas tree!

8. Add Some Texture - We love to use curly willow to add some interest and structure to our winter arrangements. You can purchase this from a local greenhouse or go out and source it yourself! The same goes for red twig dogwood and birch logs.

9. Weather-Resistant Decor - Ensure that the decorations you choose can withstand winter weather conditions, including wind, rain, and snow. This will help them stay looking good throughout the season.

10. Personal Touch - Add a personal touch to your pots by incorporating handmade or DIY elements. Create your own ornaments or decorations that reflect your style and creativity.

We hope you find this list to be helpful! Cheers - C+RLA


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