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paved backyard with furniture and planting beds
front walk with gate and blue door
view from inside house showing small courtyard
walk way with leaves leading to the back yard
backyard stone patio with couches and table
backyard with stone paving and couches and chairs
back yard looking at house with vines climbing up brick wall
Located in the heart of Georgetown in Washington DC, this newly renovated home brings modern features to this circa 1820’s structure. The renovation includes an interior Zen garden with a Japanese Maple tree, evergreen ferns, and ambient lighting to greet you as you pass by in the hallway. Other features are a green roof terrace off the master suite that overlooks the back garden. The back garden is split in two levels with an historic carriage house separating the two spaces. The upper courtyard was designed to be used as the entertaining space, while the lower rear courtyard is for contemplation and relaxation.

We worked with the architects to choose materials that brought modern, clean lines to the spaces and knit together the interior and exterior elements.


Photography - Brian Landis & CRLA

Architect - Christian Zapatka Architects



maple tree in skylight
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